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July 30, 2013


http://korean-products.com/inquiryAs a smartphone user, I pay extra attention; I want to keep the phone intact as long as can. Who knows what, in near future, I may have to resell it for a better gadget. So first I tried protective films for its display.

My hands are not deft enough to make it neat and clean. The films stuck in wrong position look ugly. What is worse, I did not rub the film properly. And it creates tiny air-blots everywhere. So I look everywhere and find ISTT’s Built-in Screen Protector.

201306W_ISTT1 I see three different parts: films, labels, and a frame. The frame gives me an extra hand by securely holding the phone so that I cannot misplace the films or rub it wrongly.

Its installation is simple; I remove a label and place the frame on the phone. Then, I begin rubbing on the film with balance as the frame keeps the position. When I completely take the frame off, I say “sold!”

ISST also offers GPS Sun Shade. By effectively blocking the sun light, you can check on your GPS device with little or no glare and reflection.

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