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Brushes for Industrial & Medical & Beauty-care Uses | Korean Products

July 31, 2013

201307C_B&B Company1 industrial brush sizes and thickness vary from tiny interdental brush size to the large and longest size that can used to eliminate foreign substances in the cylinder and pipes.

The additional request of handle or the epoxy arrangement is available.

B&B Company produces not only the medical (cytology) brush head but also finished product with a handle that can be occupied by hospital and medical institutions. In particular, head detachable type product has been lately growing popular. It can be made as sterilized type and packing can be also customized if requested.

201307C_B&B CompanyB&B Company Co., Ltd. is the only company in Korea that manufactures all of the interdental brushes such as an oral product, mascara brush, medical brush, and industrial brush.

B&B has established thorough quality control system to approach close to the customer with the best quality.

Also, in the basis of stable price and reliability, it strives to make the utmost endeavor to produce hygienic and environmentally-friendly brushes.

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