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Cosmeceutical Brand & Natural Preservatives | Korean Products

July 31, 2013

201307C_BST BST Inc. is a Korea-based cosmetics and raw materials company that specializes in developing and producing cosmetics for dermatologists and beauty salons for domestic and abroad customers. It also provides quality preservatives for cosmetics and for food.

BST has a specialty in developing new bio materials and cell treatment using bioengineering and nanomaterials (nanoradiation, creating nano particles) for improving quality of life, based on its advanced technologies such as natural plant extraction, Bioconversion, Nano-Biopolymer stabilization, and stem cell engineering.

Mediblock : BST Inc. supplies its cosmeceutical (functional cosmetics, cosmedics) brand “Mediblock” to over 1,000 general hospitals, dermatologist clinics, and plastic surgeon clinics in Korea. Mediblock, which contains no preservatives and no synthetic ingredients such as fragrances, dyes, surfactant, etc., is functional cosmetics dedicated for clinical use and medical skin care to improve various skin problems in hospitals.


Natural Preservatives : BST’s natural preservatives mainly consist of bioflavonoids and function as anti-oxidation giving antiseptic property.

This substance has no side-effects including skin allergy and endocrine disturbance and is very safe to use. Recently, it has been revealed from the chemical genomics that natural preservative has anti-oxidation and antiaging functions.

This can help to protect skin from allergies and endocrine disturbance as well as prevent skin aging. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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