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Cosmetics Brands – BRTC & CL4 &Pureheal’s | Korean Products

July 31, 2013

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THE BEGINNING OF HEALTHY & BEAUTY, A Professional Cosmeceutical Cosmetic Company – AMI Cosmetic Co., Ltd.

Bio Remedies Therapeutic Cosmetics – BRTC

BRTC that contains a patent ingredient “Blue Complex” extracted from blue flowers consists of systematical cosmetic lines customized for each skin condition. It combats instantly skin problems and brings effective result with exact diagnosis and analysis on skin.

Customized 4-Steps Skin Care – CL4

CL4 is a specialized medical aesthetic brand that consists of 4 steps from cleansing to finishing basing on classical skin treatment. It contains individual patent ingredients for optimal skincare effect according to skin type & condition.

Nature Oriented Brand – Pureheal’s

PureHeal’s developed specialized and customized skincare product lines for each different skin types. It collects and do research on plants, fruits, and flowers around us to seek effective skin care ingredients.

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