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Eco-friendly Oil Clay and Clay Candles | Korean Products

July 31, 2013

201307C_Manjirak company its establishment in 1999, Manjirak has specialized in developing and manufacturing eco-friendly grain D.I.Y oil clay and clay candles. All the products of Manjirak are eco-friendly, and due to its safe and excellent technology that has been officially recognized by being named as a Public Procurement’s excellent product and being awarded the Hi Seoul Brand and KOTRA brand endorsement.


Oil Clay (300g, 200g, 100g) & Rice Clay : Environment-friendly Manjirak oil clay and rice clay are made from corn starch or rice starch, respectively. Manjirak clay does not solidify and can be reused again into many different works, making everyday use in class possible. This product also encourages environment-friendly life habits that reduce the use of disposable products and reuse in public institutions (such as schools).

Multi Clay 7 colors : Environment-friendly Manjirak oil clay made from corn starch. Manjirak multi clay is color clay that preserved the strengths of Manjirak oil clay. This is an excellent educational material in a total of 7different colors that can stimulate the curiosity of kids.

Candle Clay : You can make the D.I.Y clay candles with your own hands. There is no need to melt with fire. Just shape it in whatever shape you want and stick a wick. You can start using it as a candle right away.

Industrial Clay : This is professional sculpture material that has hardness close to Manjirak super hard oil clay or a little harder. It is ideal for sculptures working with silicon and FRP, it can shows even little dots as small as 1mm. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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