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July 31, 2013


http://korean-products.com/inquiryThroughout the history, a boiler has been useful for many uses. Especially, in winter, the machine keeps us warm. For a meal, it feeds us with well-cooked food. As technology moves forward, the boiler also changes from the inside out. Korea’s Ssangma shows an exemplary.

The company’s mini steam boiler uses high-pressure steam for heating, which results in high energy efficiency. Thanks to its special insulation inside, heat loss has been greatly minimized. The other features include low defect rate, convenience with high tech system, noise & pollution free, cost efficiency, etc.

Ssangma’s stream car wash is easy to use with its one-touch system and rus on high-pressure steam for energy efficiency. Its industrial wood pellet boiler realizes the reduction of carbon dioxide by using wood pellets.


Ssangma Machine since 1992 has been specialized in making different boiler types : electric, gas, and oil boilers. Aside from these, the company also builds complicated machines like water washing machines, dry cleaning machines, and dryers. Upon entering today’s global era, Ssangma is well prepared based on years of experiences and technological edges and actually expanding horizons by exporting units to various overseas markets in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Romania, etc.

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