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July 31, 2013

201307C_Health & Dietary Supplement Co., Ltd. has steadily grown since its establishment in 2002 with a goal of contributing to enhancing health and happiness of the human beings. With its completion of GMP standard production facility and R&D Center, the company is ready to jump up to be a leading company in the field of health and dietary supplement manufacturing and will continue to invest on research and development on new and functional substances.

H-tree pursues the harmony of scientific beauty and nature. (Harmony)
Root to protect H-tree, the fundamental is human health. (Healthy)
H-tree seeks not only the physical health, but also beauty of body and mind. (Hao)

The true beauty that H-tree is engaged in: (*Oeyunaegang: It means seemingly soft and gentle on the outside but firm and strong inside) True beauty is attained when one keeps the harmony of internal physical health and external beauty. True beauty begins with the combination of strong core and beautiful physics.

H-tree Rev-UP SYSTEM

Get beauty from the inside of the cells by various products of H-tree with ideal serving and balanced nutrition

Keys of H-tree Rev-UP SYSTEM, Rev II

Active ingredients for well aging or 7 berry extracts and plant-derived natural ingredients immediately allow the sulfated action, the elasticity of the skin, interaction with vitamins and minerals to revive skin vitality and vividness, and provide prevention of nutrient deficiency due to diet by characteristic of each product. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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