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JangsooGobdol Stoneware | Korean Products

July 31, 2013

201307C_JangsooGobdol Stoneware kitchenware, which is now known worldwide, is cut by hand from pure natural rough stone without any chemical treatments and has been used in Korean households and professional restaurants as the main cookware for generations.

Nowadays the Korean Jangsoo Gobdol stone kitchenware is highly evaluated as special cookware in many other countries as well for it has superior heat resistance and conductibility compared to other material. As the constituent materials of JangsooGobdol are not harmful to our bodies, people can cook any food with it.

Of special note, far-infrared rays are emitted byJangsooGobdol, which is one of the main advantages of this special stoneware, enabling one to cook by retaining the best taste as the stoneware keeps the original nutrition of the food ingredients. In addition, the natural and traditional design enhances the status of customers.

201307C_JangsooGobdol Stoneware1

Most of all, the JangsooGobdol Stone keeps foods warm all the way through the end of meals. JangsooGobdol Stone has no chemical reactions with acids and does not rust no matter how long it is stored, unlike aluminum or iron cast kitchenware.

YoungShin Stone Co., Ltd. provides a wide range of stoneware, including Stone Bowl, Stone Pot, Chowder Pan, rectangle roast pan, Stone Tajin, Pizza pan and Warmer as can be seen in the picture. YoungShin Stone has exported to many different countries such as Japan, Germany, Singapore, the UK and U.S.A. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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