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August 1, 2013

201306W_Hansung Bravo the road, the best looking car is usually the one that performs best. For this, car wash may need just a little more attention. But people complain that it takes much time and efforts to clean a car. Even when a car owner is not experienced, he or she may rather scratch or damage it. Korea’s Hansung Bravo is ready to dissipate such worries.

As a Korean automobile cleaning equipment maker, Hansung Bravo began its project first in 1994, aiming to make your car look more pleasantly-driveable.

201306W_Hansung Bravo1

Bravo-7200 is a mat washer with ergonomic design, and takes up relatively less space for installation.

The model also produces low vibration at work. WD-2200 is a machine that is capable of both washing and drying, and its vacuum part effectively gets rid of water after washing. BRAVO-1 can move up and down.

This vacuum cleaner with high capacity has a 360-degree boom swing mechanism and produces low noise. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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