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Core hydraulic part maker | Korean Products

August 1, 2013

201306W_SINJIN PRECISION refutes how important blood circulation is for our body; when it poorly runs or gets clogged, people suffer or even worse. For heavy duty vehicles like forklifts, excavators, and tractors, their blood is hydraulic liquid. When hydraulic-related parts malfunction, the whole unit becomes obsolete or could be broken. Or it could be fatal as people may lose their lives. For years, SINJIN PRECISION has precisely diagnosed problems and successfully come up with treatments.


As a reliable Korean supplier for hydraulic components, the company has insights into your chronic issues on heavy vehicles and offers the best solutions: power steering units for comfort and safe driving, gear pumps offering excellent hydraulic performance, flexibility, high efficiency, and low noise, main control valves & the other valve types, and flow amplifiers for facilitating hydraulic flow rate.

Began in 1983, SINJIN PRECISION, with its keen eyes on technology and cooperation, has been a leading manufacturer for construction equipment, industrial vehicles, and agricultural machinery. The company’s experiences, know-how, and dedication speak volumes when it comes to developing the best hydraulic parts. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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