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August 1, 2013

201306W_HK The quality of life has never been on everyone’s lips as frequently as now. Certainly, a lot of new organic products and healthy devices are out there to prove the trend, and they never cease to surprise us with their magical functions that benefit our body.

Korea’s HK is one of many well-being product makers but is one of a kind when it comes to well-being technology such as nano ceramic, biotete, and various functional stones. Based on these, the company introduces three flagship items: Alkaline ion device, Health hot Ceramic mat, and Body Elance(electric sauna device).


HK cares much about women and knows how to treat them. Body Elance helps them to stay in shape and effectively cure them of female-related diseases with far-infrared rays. Health hot ceramic mat using barona quantum ceramic can emit protons of quantum energy which improves your skin, blood circulation, and rapid body-healing process, etc.

And alkaline ion device produces ionized water which can be absorbed quickly into the body. It can help people with chronic diarrhea or digestion issues, and also eliminates free oxygen radicals and wastes in our body. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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