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August 1, 2013

SONY DSC smile is contagious among people. It not only makes them happy but healthy. Also, it is the best make-up one can wear; a smiling person is always preferable.

A smile is also prestigious, especially, for people with proper teeth. Korea’s Jiscop believes that it can help people with improper teeth.

Jiscop is an orthodontic product maker. Since 1993, its main business has been tenacious: centering on providing numerous types of orthodontic tools and relevant services. With 3-FUL (Health, Beautiful, Wonderful) products, Jiscop wants dentists to perform better than ever.

Jiscop presents Monocrystal Ceramic Bracket with smooth flat surface and rounded edge. It offers superior transparency and excellent sliding.


Plus its stable bonding and de-bonding process has never been easier. NiTi Archwire is a fully-recoverable super elastic wire; this light-weighted item is capable of producing better treatment results than any other wires due to its consistent force over time.

Thus, there is no need for repetitive adjustment or wire replacement. NiTi Closed Coil Spring with high elasticity can be divided into 4 different types depending on strength.

Ceramic Bracket. NiTi Archwire, NiTi Closed Coil Spring | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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