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August 1, 2013


http://korean-products.com/inquiry Die casting is suitable to large-scale production and shows an exceptionally good surface finish and dimensional consistency.

For intricate part manufacturing, this casting method offers a quite simple process. Korea’s ANT, a die casting specialist, has been leading the molding business by maximizing such advantages.

ANT first began in 1990. By focusing on its main businesses such as die casting forming, door closer assembly, and plastic & die casting molding, the company has never failed customers.


Yet lots of things left undone, the company is determined to achieve more based on technologies and experiences.

First, any types of molding items are available upon request. Each customer has his or her demand, and ANT can listen and respond by giving what they want. The company is confident enough with its manufacturing technologies from CAM/CAD to injection.

And ANT’s both interior and exterior electrical parts for motors and some industrial parts are affordable and show relatively low defective rates.

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