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August 1, 2013

201306W_Hyundae Precision centuries, thieves and robbers have been constantly looking for loopholes to unleash their evil plans. The first line of defense came from locksmiths who were specialized in locking mechanism. Before mass production and advancing technology, the profession quickly became rare to none, yet their brain has still survived till these days. One example is Korea’s Hyundae Precision.

First began in the 1970s, Hyundae Precision has been booming and leading the door lock industry in Korea. With its proven quality, the company has gained recognition and was awarded with certifications such as ISO and KS. Hyundae also makes various types of door hinges.

201306W_Hyundae Precision1

By focusing more on what customers are looking for, Hyundae diversifies door lock products that shows excellent durability and heat-resistance : cylindrical, tubular, box-type, mortis, fireproofing, commercial, etc.

Especially, for the maritime industry, which is the company’s core business, there are hinges and the other parts (special door-welding for ships) available. Upon hinge products, Hyundae offers butt hinges, pivot hinges, loose joint hinges, and so on. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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