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August 1, 2013

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In Korea, DAENAM TECH is in the forefront with its total common rail testers, making sure that the common rail injectors work flawlessly.

Your driving experience tells much about how your car engine performs. As a core part, an engine has been through a lot as many engineers have been busy scrambling hard for years to make it stronger and better. The common rail fuel engine injection system could be one of results. And its few advantages include controlling the injection timing and injection rate with flexibility.

Besides introducing many different types of the common rail system testers, a venture manufacturer explores and offers comprehensive services such as consulting and quality spare parts.

Its DNT-302, Total Common Rail Test Bench, can test simultaneously 4 injectors and high-pressure pumps. DNT-502 as CRDI Tester & Cleaner is effective at testing and cleaning 4 injectors even without disconnecting them from the engine. And DNT-100 and 200 are smaller in size but provide accurate testing data. Noticeably, you can closely monitor injection patter with DNT-200.

DAENAM TECH is not only a quality manufacturer but also a professional inventor; the company has been intensively researching and developing both products and services in the business. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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