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304-grade Stainless Steel Sink | Korean Products

August 6, 2013

201307C_304grade Stainless Steel Sink1 KORINA was established in 2000, it has been supplying premium stainless steel sinks to customers worldwide. KORINA provides a fine selection of stainless steel sinks that feature both functional durability and appeal.

Its main products include all-in-one lay on sink covering the whole of a sink and upper plate of a sink as well as under sink equipped with a sink bowl.

201307C_304grade Stainless Steel Sink
They are manufactured by using internationally recognized 304-grade stainless steel to strengthen their functions.

They neither wear out nor become rusty based on mold and press technologies. Having added an aesthetic sense to high functionality, design sink has recently been released, providing customized kitchen space that reflects a user’s personality and needs.

As one of the most reliable kitchen sink manufacturers and suppliers in Korea, KORINA aims to play a leading role in helping customers to create their own desired kitchen space.

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