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Baby Clippers | Korean Products

August 6, 2013

201307C_Baby Clippers
[INQ. NO. 1307C13] When you need to cut your child’s fingernails, you always will feel anxiety because nail trimmer might hurt the baby. Thus, a Korean company called Aginail has released a brand new child-proof nail trimmer, which is developed as the world’s first nail cutter requiring a single push action to guarantee children’s safety unlike existing nail trimmers requiring several cutting actions.

The baby clipper can insert into the edge of the nail and cut the nail safely. Only one time, users can cut the nail beautifully by the way of pushing along the nail.

This product requiring a single push action never causes any inconveniences such as pushing forth nail pieces in all directions that is often seen in existing nail cutters. The cutting edge product features holes that can contain and vent out nail pieces on rear and two other sides.

The greatest advantage of Aginail clipper never intimidates a child. The reason every child is frightened or intimidated with regard to nail cutter is because of the sharp edge of the nail cutter or the nagging noise that is heard when the nail trimmer works.

However, the Aginail clipper characteristically does not produce any noise when it works. In addition, the product looks like your child’s favorite animal and will be seen as toys. The children friendly design and compact size allows people to easily carry as an accessory.

The nail file attached at the back side. The sizes vary from infant (three months to 15-month olds), baby (12 months to less than 4-year olds) and child (5 to 9-year olds).

This product has acquired patent internationally. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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