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August 6, 2013

201307C_NOX Corporation in a chemical engineering company, NOX Corporation was founded in 1994, focusing on Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring innovation, design and manufacturing for global customers.

With customers in over 50 countries, NOX continues to lead the industry with innovation and expertise.

NOX PROMISE: Enabling our customers to differentiate, grow, and lead CONTROL: We are the first and only LVT manufacturer producing not only superior quality in our finished product but in all the components. As a result, we can promise to control the consistent quality and the ability to deliver our products on time.

CAPABILITY:NOX provides new opportunities with proven performance of first-tomarket creation in both product and manufacturing; patents in world first click LVT, the World’s largest manufacturer of non-adhesive eco-friendly floor tiles and more innovation in the future.

201307C_NOX Corporation1With this, we promise to fit the specific market and individual needs of our customers. CAPACITY: As one of the largest LVT manufacturers globally, we operate with the commitment of investment for our customers’ needs. This enables us a promise to support stable and significant growth for customers.

Moreover, NOX Corporation holds a distinguished patent for producing PVC floor tile as well as Click Profiled LVT. Based on proven technology and superior customer service, NOX Corporation has achieved significant growth in the worldwide market and had an annual revenue growth rate above 30% for the last 3 years. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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