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Safety Lancet | Korean Products

August 6, 2013

201307C_Safety Lancet1 is single-use lancets designed for capillary blood sampling ideal for hospitals, clinics, laboratories, doctors’ offices and whenever the patient and professional need safety. There is neither any risk of contamination nor injury thanks to the needle retraction.

Features & Benefits

– Ergonomic design
– Pressure-activated type
– Reduced pain thanks to the linear tracking system
– The lancet cannot be reused
– Main export markets: USA, Australia, Russia, the UK, India, Indonesia, Saudi

Arabia, Japan, Taiwan, Iran, Italy, Poland, the Philippines Global Medical Market Corporation (GMMC) was established in 2003 with regional offices in Korea, Spain, Mexico, Russia and China.

201307C_Safety Lancet

Since GMMC launched the LANZO lancing device in 2007, it has become No. 1 supplier in Korea and worked with several well-known companies internationally.

In 2011 GMMC launched LANZO safety lancets & general lancets for collecting of capillary blood. With plent of experience in developing diabetes markets, GMMC always tries to support your business with one-stop service for all diabetes products | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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