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August 9, 2013

201307W_Eco-friendly plastic flower pot If you are an avid floriculturist, listen up. Growing pot-based plants is never easy. You need lots of hands, but still it is not enough. Often, a poorly-made pot could be a major disappointment as it may prevent flowers from growing, or worse, killing them. Korea’s Gum Sung puts an end to it with the next generation gardening tool.

For Gum Sung, every business centers on respecting the nature and its growth. Using this value, the Korean flower pot maker has become the largest in the market in nearly three decades. Its flagship flower carrier is entitled as “Port of the dual-color.”
201307W_Eco-friendly plastic flower pot1
This eco-friendly plastic pot never allows oxidation and the sun’s UV rays. As a result, roots are well protected and kept intact. Even, compared to the others, Gum Sung’ pot weighs heavier and is more solid. And it is all about function and beauty; unique patterns decorate both the top and bottom, and they are fighting off any possible crumpling. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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