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August 9, 2013

201307W_RAPA Life1
Those who are going through spinal rehabilitation have good news. Korea’s RAPA & Life has introduced a new technology : IRST(Intellectual Robot Spine Therapy). This newly developed spine treatment device uses 3G Spine Therapy with Six different motions: by studying each patient’s muscles condition around his or her spinal area, IRST automatically opts to choose the most optimized treatment.

The non-surgical spine treatment machine is effective in treating mostly the abnormal posture of the spine such as degenerative disc, herniated nucleosus pulposus, and spine scoliosis.

201307W_RAPA Life
Its pre-treatment procedure is scientific and precise as the unit analyzes and calculates the patient’s spine articulation angle. Also it picks up the bio-electric signals around the spine muscle part. Based on all these data (real-time bio feedback), IRST begins the treatment: correcting the patient’s spine position (Correction and Decompression).

RAPA & Life is committed to developing medical rehabilitation devices. The company is trying to address an increasing number of elderly patients with musculoskeletal disorder. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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