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New Materials, New World of Technology | Korean Products

August 9, 2013

201307W_himc1 For an athlete, perseverance and agility matters. For a machine, it is all about durability; if it breaks down easily, whopping damages would make its good performance meaningless. And basic materials are the keys to success.

By technically mixing things up, aiming to invent new superior materials, Korea’s High Material Co. Ltd. has been providing new values.

Tungsten carbide gets attention these days; exceptional wear resistance is why. Its demand is high, but its price is just not affordable. Responding to this, the company, by using its unique carbide bonding technology, can lower the price. Many industries heartily welcome this offer.

HiMC realizes that only a surface area needs to be wear-resistant. Thus, bonding steel body with small carbide disc or tip is the idea behind its breakthrough.

Besides tungsten carbide, HiMC actively develops new materials, helping the industries make continuous strides in their fields. They are tungsten carbide powder for thermal spray and carbon paper for fuel cell diffusion layer. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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