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Auto Welding Specialist : AUTOWEL | Korean Products

August 12, 2013

201307W_AUTOWEL using mediums like ultrasound, a gas flame, a laser, and electric arc, welding can be done. And there are several reasons why it is a demanding work. First, it is potentially dangerous as workers always worry about burns, electric shock, vision damage, ultraviolet radiation risk, etc.

Also it may lack precision as they lose concentration from time to time. Korea’s Autowel is responding to the situation with its automatic welding units.

Autowel, specializing in the Korea’s welding industry, presents Inverter CO2/MAG/MIG Welder. This IGBT powered module-based welding machine can perform high-speed auto welding for many different applications. Submerged ARC Welder and Submerged Auto Carriage are showing exceptional heat capacity and durability.

You can expect fast welding process and high welding quality as well. Thus, they are widely available for shipbuilding, heavy industry, plant engineering, etc. Submerged Auto Carriage, suitable for thin plate welding, can boost your work efficiency with strong wire motors and its user-friendly design & operation panel. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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