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August 12, 2013

201307W_NamYoung Dukyoo in Korea has a lot to offer. Among many, people must not miss azalea-full fields where the sun rises and sets. And its deep valleys and ridges are sceneries that last a lifetime. Here is another item they must put on their-to-do list: NamYoung’s healthy food. Wonderful experiences are worth remembering longer than usual, and it sure does help you by magically boosting your memory.

Muju Gastrodia, they call it “a gift from the heaven.” By adding more eco-friendly oriental medicine materials(ginseng, poria cocos, rehmannia, etc), NamYoung Pharmaceutical Company gave birth to Royal Jingo through its patented technology (maximizing the power of ingredients).


The Jingo aids you to live your life to its fullest with energy and is effective for high blood pressure and dementia.

Muju gastrodia fermentation paste made from Korean oriental medicine elements counters what your intuition leads you to believe; its smell and taste are rather mild and good. Its conveniently packaged sticks are being carried in a dignified-looking pottery. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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