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August 13, 2013


http://korean-products.com/inquiryA PCB board may sound too technical, but it looks so familiar. This is an electric board you can find inside your smartphone or personal computer.

What is its function? Think about what a computer motherboard does. And Mirsystem in Korea is a professional PCB maker that offers a development-phased PCB total solution.

Mirsystem is a difference maker when it comes to PCB Artwork, Simulation, Manufacturing, Purchasing, and Assembling Board and Set. And Keeping abreast of today’s integrated and volatile tech trends, the firm is responding with its unique PCB services.


Unlike most PCB manufactures, Mirsystem thoroughly monitors the whole assembly line from PCB design to production. And its customer communication is solid and effective throughout each manufacturing phase.

Mirsystem has over 10 years of experiences and extensive know-how regarding various types of items. As PCB samples for R&D and mass-production are available 24/7, customers need not waste time. Currently, Mirsystem deals with home appliances, mobile phones, camera parts, desktop computers, MP3, etc. Clients are Samsung, LG, iRiver, CNS Korea, MOBiiS, etc.

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