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August 13, 2013

201307W_ipec and recognized for on-time delivery, quality and price, IPEC High Precision, Inc, can offer hundreds of non-standard and standard industrial machinery and mold parts for customers who ask more.

Thus, since its beginning in 2000, the manufacturer’s success has been possible, and, once again, all credit goes to three above values.

As the market changes fast, IPEC has to navigate through tough competition. In order to gain the edge in the industry, the manufacturer decides to take on Hot Runner and Integrated Multimedia Outlet systems.


In addition, based on technologies and experiences, the company begins introducing high-precision components for industries such as aerospace & defense and nuclear power & wind power generation.

Major items are custom-made mold parts, custom-made hot runner parts or industrial /defense parts, custom-made special parts like pins, custom-made oilless bearing/electrode, etc.

IPEC also is proud of its “integrated solution” which includes quality assurance system. This one-stop solution guarantees its efficient working environment. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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