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August 20, 2013

201307W_SJ Living in a world where criminals are never out of work, people put security to work. They actually put small cameras on every corner; this enables them to monitor a certain area.

Technology advances, and CCTV security devices improves with far more sophisticated functions, which makes it possible for bad people to lurk around on their tiptoes. Korea’s SJ High Tech is behind the scenes.

SJ High Tech as a leading company in the video security industry has been focusing on supplying intelligent security solutions: video surveillance applications. Besides IP camera and HD camera, the security application maker introduces Bullet camera.

SJ-B1012STL is a high resolution surveillance camera that uses Sony’s SUPER HAD II 401K CCD image sensor. Also it can help your security work with various features: WDR(Wide Dynamic Range with Dual Channel Operation), ISC (Intelligent IR Saturation Control), Digital Image Stabilizer, Spilt Glass Technology for anti-IR reflection, weatherproof function (IP67), etc.

SJ High Tech also has Dome camera, Mini & Box camera, and Zoom camera available for your needs. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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