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August 20, 2013

201307W_SEHWA 1995, Korea’s SEHWA HIGH TECH has been manufacturing and developing gas mixing systems. Aiming for high flow rates and high fluctuating gas withdrawal, the gas system maker offers high quality gas mixers and gas metering systems for various types of gases.

SEHWA HIGH TECH can give you lots of options. Upon your specific demand, customized or standard SEHWA gas mixers are available for nearly all gases and flow rates, and you can expect the optimal gas mixture for welding applications, the required gas concentration for food packages or cover gas for molten magnesium applications.

The company’s innovative mechanical or electronic systems provide accuracy and safety. They also allow you to control your gas mixing systems conveniently via the intranet, Internet or mobile devices such as PDA or smartphones.

The combination units consisted of SEHWA gas mixers with gas analyzers are also possible. They are complete system solutions for your needs. SEHWA High Tech is a socially-conscious by focusing on social development at all times. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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