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August 20, 2013

201307W_Time Industry, we need innovative minds. They are meant to be thriving over the ordinary. In business, they are making a difference in each of their fields with new ideas and products. In Korea, Time Industry could be a role model.

Time Industry, interested in the dining industry, makes no ordinary grills. What is so special about them? The name is Anta Roaster, and it truly differs from the others.

First, Time Industry’s technology keeps it 100% steel that never gives in to high temperatures.

So, your juicy meat tastes awesome. Since Anta Roaster uses far infrared rays and convection, there is no need for maintenance or replacement. Also with its grease chamber that collects great from meat, people are free from smoke and bad odors.

This environmentally friendly grill is easy to wash with any standard detergent. There are two different types : gas smokeless and charcoal smokeless.

It is time to grill with Time industry’s “world’s patent” water-cooled roaster. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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