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August 20, 2013

201307W_Dongbang is the proper pronoun for Korea’s soap maker, Dongbang Industry since 1986; for over 2 decades, the company’s expertise has delivered your home unique everyday items: natural soaps.

And the secret lies in their vegetable extracts. Customers always show their gratitude and support after experiencing moisturizing and healing effect on the skin.

Today, Dongbang’s cosmetics concept soaps gain popularity. All of them are made from natural materials. There are all 8 different types : Snail, Been Venon, Rubus Coreanus, Black Pure Natural Beauty, Makgeolli, Zeolite, Synake, and Bottle-packed Beauty Soap.

For example, Snail features skin-moisturizing and nourishing while Bee Venom can control and sooth your acne troubles.

By using red ginseng extract, Dongbang introduces a weak acid type soap that well cleanses and simulates your facial skin.

Choco Soap contains coconut extract that creates a moisturizing layer on your skin. These soaps are Functional Soap : Gold Soap, Red Ginseng Soap, Chocolate beauty Soap, and Ginseng Soap. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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