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You Can Sing Anywhere Anytime with HANA Electronics’ JM | Korean Products

August 20, 2013

201307W_HANA Electronics it comes to karaoke systems multimedia MIDI sound technology, Korea’s HANA Electronics should be in your mind. As a leader in the multimedia industry, the company since 2003 has accumulated advanced analogue and digital design technologies.

Now HANA is a specialist in ASIC development in analogue and digital sound sources. HANA Electronics offers high tech multimedia players and karaoke machines.

By continuously improving portable multimedia players and karaoke Multimedia MIDI ASIC, it is gradually taking up the global multimedia device and portable karaoke machine market.

201307W_HANA Electronics1Flaship items are different types of portable karaoke MIDI & MP3 players.

They are all equipped with user-oriented functions such as Lyric-Displaying, MIDI & MP3 karaoke, Movie Player, Video Insertion, etc.

There are also simple and exciting games available; you can download and play casually. You can extend its storage by using T-Flash SD memory cards. Each model has its own singular characteristics for your needs. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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