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August 28, 2013


201308_Anti-microbial Master Batch Science Tech, a biotechnology company, incorporated a business in 1999 and has been successfully carrying out a variety of governmental projects and commercializing the biotechnology field including a G-7 national project, the development venture of technical innovation with faculties of 3 major universities.

This maker is manufacturing and supplying superior anti-microbial products including functional non-medical products supply(a kind of medical but not exactly medicine), functional cosmetics, personal sanitary goods, anti-microbial plastics, antimicrobial additives and anti-microbial raw materials for industrial use with its distinctive and unique technology.

Micro Science Tech’s Anti-microbial Master Batch (BioCleanAct c¢) is an anti-microbial biopolymers raw materials designed to keep up with users’ demand. As concentrated anti-microbial materials, pellet types are supplied in various forms such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, ABS, SAN PLA so that the materials can satisfy user demand.

They are applied to various plastics and are suitable to well-being stationery, infants’ needs, utensils, electronic appliances and so forth.

Endocrine disrupters are not detected and superior anti-microbial performance against various pathogenic germs and human body safety were recognized by domestic and foreign official test institutions.

The materials can be used safely to package film for food, food storage, carriage, chopping boards, cosmetic receptacles, electronic products, medical devices, daily goods, infant goods, bathroom goods, bottle cap, food container, industrial parts, automobile interior, super military equipment(submarine, warship, water tank), military water bottle, air-conditioner filter, etc. and various application products such as treatment tools.

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