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Atomic Force Microscope | Korean Products

August 28, 2013


201308_Atomic Force Microscope in 1997, Park Systems provides original and innovative AFM solutions for the most accurate nanoscale measurement. With the world’s top technology in the field of atomic force microscopes, the company has played a pioneering role through breakthrough technology for the nanoscale measurement industry.

Park Systems’ AFM has been widely appreciated by prestigious Universities such as Harvard, Columbia, Stanford as well as global top institutes including Seagate, Hitachi, NASA, Argonne National Lab and NPL, exporting to many countries including the USA, China, India, Singapore, Japan, France and Germany.

The Park NX10 provides the most cost-effective performance such as the highest image accuracy, fastest scan speed, scan speed and tip preservability for a new generation of researchers and engineers who need a leading-edge AFM.

In addition, NX10’s outstanding features include industry leading Z-servo speed, XYZ scan linearity, Closed loop detector’s reduced noise and true noncontact mode with thermal drift. NX10 is designed to be easily used not only by skilled users, but also beginners.

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