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August 28, 2013


201308_Dental Restoration Materials’s external surface is made by using porcelain which features superior aesthetic quality and its inside is filled with zirconia, which is known as one of the most advanced new dental materials.

Zirconia is a human body-friendly ceramic material that hardly creates oxidation response in the oral cavity. With high transmission rate, the color is very similar to natural teeth. The integrity is verified in allergy tests and plaque is unlikely to form.

In addition to its waterproof quality against saliva, it protects the existing teeth. With outstanding hardness and intensity, it is processed by CAD-CAM.


Made by using 100% zirconia material, ZIMO SMART features higher strength than ZIMO. For this reason, ZIMO SMART is ideal for rear teeth restoration. As ZIMO SMART does not contain porcelain, it is less likely to get broken while chewing food.

Since the foundation, The Dental Solution Inc. has targeted the overseas markets and has also achieved international certifications including ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, FDA Proven, CE1023 and TGA, ensuring international standards of manufacture.

With strong commitment to high quality and reliable service, the company nowadays exports to countries such as the USA, Australia, Japan, Canada, Italy, Dubai, Russia and more.

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