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August 28, 2013


201308_KONAD Stamping Nail Art Kit


http://korean-products.com/inquiryKONAD Stamping Nail Art Kit is one of the most amazing inventions in the beauty industry history.

It can beautify nails without demanding professional skill, high expense, long time and even ages. It is designed for anybody to decorate nails by stamping predesigned images at home in seconds and developed for the first in the world.

KONAD Stamping nail art kit is receiving women’s love from all over the world due to its easy handling and great expression. You can express various your own creativity with KONAD.


201308_KONAD Stamping Nail Art Kit1


KONAD iloje Flobu & niju basic care and makeup are made based on natural plant extracts and valuable materials. We focus on high quality first, so the quality compares quite well with famous foreign-made brands.

Everybody who uses our cosmetics loves its quality and beauty design. KONAD Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer and exporter of KONAD Stamping Nail Art Kits and iloje Flobu and niju Cosmetics, and it exports to over 120 countries around the world for many years, enjoying a good reputation.

KONAD Co., Ltd. was selected “Korean World-Class Product” by Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2012 and got certificate of “CGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice)” by KFDA.

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