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A glimpse into the robotic future | Korean Products

August 29, 2013

201308W_Hi Sensor_ Robot The future where robots live and work is not too far from where we are now. Look at emerging industrial scenes; machines are quickly replacing us.

One good example is factory automation that drives productivity high and costs low. Korea’s Hi Sensor & Robot already senses the change and leads the way.

Hi Sensor & Robot builds sophisticated sensor modules and educational robots. Since its inception in 2007, the firm has been supplying the invaluable educational tools and materials for the advent of the high-tech future.

Also it has shown its excellent adaptability in the rapidly changing market by exploring new business fields. Major products include motion detection sensors, educational sensors ( Magnetic Sensor and Current Sensor), Home Automation ( Auto Blind, Solar Module, and Feel Touch Switch), and robots.

Hi Sensor & Robot’s block-type robot system helps you develop innovative mind. You can experiment several different robots such as 4-leg dog robot, 6-leg spider robot, dinosaur robot, human robot, etc. The robot kit comes with controlling software that enables joint motions and monitoring for finished robot models. Also infrared-ray and Zigbee’s wireless communication is possible. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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