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August 29, 2013

201308W_SSADUGI1 scissor could one of great inventions ever, especially for farmers. They use it to prune trees. Then they grow properly for better yield.

Certainly, their scissors must be no common ones; we know twigs are not as thin as paper. Yet the farmers had to go through difficulties until Korea’s Hobum CTS introduces its own electric pruner: SSAGDUGI.

With two adjustable diameters (30mm and 40mm opening), SSAGDUGI can cut up to 32mm maximum, which means no twig is bigger than that.


Its cutting speed, less than 0.3 seconds, results in a clean and smooth surface. Performance is important, but safety comes first; its ergonomic urethane grip prevents slipping and reduces vibration during work. Even, the electronic scissors is well balanced; it never feels heavy despite its total weight 950g. With 4 hours of charging, it runs for about 8 straight hours.

SSAGDUGI is Hobum’s electric scissors. The company has been specialized in developing and introducing electronic tools for agricultural use at affordable prices. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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