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Korea’s Leading Wheel Maker | Korean Products

August 29, 2013

201308W_Dae Kyung, our planet, is round. From early days, people put this “round” shape into pretty good uses. A wheel is one of them. Most of today’s transportations cannot go without it; look at cars and trains. Korea’s Dae Kyung Precision praises the wheel as “the greatest invention ever.”

“Champion” represents Dae Kyung’s wheel products.

For over 2 decades, the manufacturer has been rolling out all types of wheels and casters for industries. With three principle values “Speed Strong Simple”, Dae Kyung promises high quality, on-time delivery, and reasonable prices.

201308W_Dae Kyung1Dae Kyung’s aluminum 4-wheel carrier for agricultural use is very popular these days. Upon customers’ request, this light-weighed unit is extensively customizable.

Even its anti-rust aluminum and user-friendly panel are impressive. The 3-wheel carrier is running on batteries and equipped with a detachable motor. Also there are various types of hand trolleys and wheelbarrows.

Dae Kyung as a professional wheel maker supplies casters, pneumatic tires, solid tires, polyurethane foam wheels, mower wheels, etc. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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