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August 29, 2013


http://korean-products.com/inquiryPeople often repair their old home. While at it, often they need pipe-threading. It may sound simple, yet everything about it is easier said than done. But do not worry even if you cannot afford time to learn skills.

Korea’s Kongsung will help you do the job with its heavy duty pipe threading machines. In 1973, Kongsung already made a big leap in the industry: introducing the automatic pipe screw cutter, which is the first in Korea.

This feat eventually contributed to Korea’s economic growth. The manufacturer is now making efforts in becoming the world class tool maker based on its artisanship.

Kongsung makes and supplies a number of different tools: there are of course pipe machines, pvc welding machines, testing pumps, core drills, spare parts, etc. Especially, among pipe threading R type units, 50A R-KSU N and 80A3 R-KSU N are noticeable. 50A as a compact pipe-threading machine is fast and efficient with its extensive mobility. 80A3’s easy portability guarantees working efficiency with its big oil tank.

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