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August 30, 2013

201308W_Coanix smartphone has a touchy screen. People enjoy sliding or tapping their fingers on it 24/7. Certainly, the screen must be ridden with scratches or dents. But, on the contrary, it always looks brand new even after years. Korea’s Samsung Coanix explains why.

Variety is everything for Samsung Coanix . Started 1981, its road has been fruitful; with the best quality on top, the adhesive maker has successfully introduced many different adhesive items.

They must be credited with its years of technologies, ISO9001 quality management, and innovative mind. The venture is firmly positioned to take the initiative to face many challenges in the industry.

Pushing forward advantages like excellent viscosity, transparency, heat-resistance, and durability, Samsung Coanix proudly presents its protective films. For LCD display components and liquid display panels, there are double sided tapes that use silicon rubber.

These industrial tapes are extensively available for many industries such as automobile, electronic parts, glass, metal, etc. Main items are shock-buffering viscosity tapes. Coanix’s printing tapes are varied and colorful, and they are designed for the printing industry. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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