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Evolution of Steam Boiler | Korean Products

August 30, 2013

201308W_SSANGMA boiler was built to generate power. Around the 19th century, steam locomotives were beneficiaries.

Today, just like old time, the steam boiler still plays an essential role in many industrial fields; thermal power plants for generating power. But time has brought changes; the boiler has become digitalized. Ssangma’s electronic steam boilers are good examples.

Ssangma Machine is a versatile Korean manufacturer, and electronic, oil, and steam boilers and washing machines are its main products. Since its first launch in 1992, the company has not only advanced technically but become environmentally conscious, which attracts many buyers from overseas.


Customers can find Ssangma’s industrial electric stream boiler quite efficient and green: relatively low maintenance cost and low noise.

You may want to save the environment and money; Wood Pellet Steam Boiler uses wood pellet( not expensive fuel) and helps reducing carbon dioxide. Ssangma’s automatic steam car wash machine is easy to operate with its one-touch system, and its fast speedy heating system saves time (10 minutes). | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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