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September 3, 2013

201309w_Chamjoeunwoori more than twenty years, Chamjoeunwoori has specialized in using ozone for contamination elimination. Chamjoeunwoori has been successful due to its technical strengths based on ozone creation methods, component localization rate, obtaining of safety, pricing, electrical power and standardization.

Moreover, it has obtained more than 15 certifications including that of ISO 1400 and ISO 9001 2008.

The ozone functions used by Chamjoeunwoori has more than 10 advantages including that of sterilization of various natural water bacillus and virus, oxidation breakdown and removal of agricultural residual of heavy metallic and toxic organic matter including various natural waters, and others.


Chamjoeunwoori products are focused around six primary ones. The Kill Virus is used in the family, small restaurants and animal hospital.

The Kill Bacteria is used in general restaurant, school, government office, and cafeteria. Green-S is used for disinfecting the circulation system of water tank and supplying water overall.

Clean-A is used for breaking down of ozone in enclosed in sing along room, and hot mud public bath. The Greensis is for rapid breakdown using ozone for agricultural products such as lettuce. The Hydra is for breakdown the moss in the aquarium and others. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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