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September 3, 2013

201309w_ANSE Technologies1 in 1992, Anse is involved in various telecommunication infrastructure-related projects for maritime safety (vessel traffic system), railway, aviation and the public sector (civil defense IT business, letter of appreciation given by the Korean coast guard) especially in its system and network integration businesses.

To these ends, it has established its research center in 1999 and obtained the ISO 9001 and the technology-innovating enterprise (INNO-Biz). It has already proven itself to be a leading global engineering company and hopes to also be a leader in the green growth technology and industry.

201309w_ANSE Technologies

Its SI business involves software, solution and establishment of infrastructure which includes video surveillance system, waterworks integrated information system and implementation of air pollution measurement network.

Its information system consulting business covers sectors like business process reengineering, information strategic planning and supervision of information systems.

Its overseas business includes areas like Asia and Africa for its products related to feasibility study, basic designing, auditing and consulting services. It is also aggressively expanding into other areas like designing and structural safety analysis for iron tower and antenna. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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