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Pen Meets Mouse : ISV | Korean Products

September 3, 2013

23. 아이에스브이_P&M_EduN_01 a man meets a woman, it gets somewhat complicated. When a mouse meets a pen, it gets rather simple: a pen mouse. This is an idea from Korea’s tech company, ISV. They then makes it more simple for everyone : a wireless pen mouse.

ISV’s I-pen Pro broke the silence first. Soon, I-pen Pro II, an upgraded version, came out and stayed until 2007 in which Love Letter, a true pen-type input device followed.

23. 아이에스브이_P&M_BLUE_01

And P&M-EduN is ISV’s latest digital wireless pen mouse. This model is functional within 11 yard-range. And a user can use it as an ordinary mouse or an electric pen while using either its Side wing button or Side Embossing button. Its Plug & Play makes it easy for everyone to use instantly.

With the advent of Bluethooth, ISV unveiled its Bluetooth-based pen mouse, and its name was P&M-Blue. This handy device is useful for lecturers and presenters with its laser pointer feature. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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