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September 4, 2013 its establishment, this company has specialized in manufacturing small clippers with key technology that enabled it to produce the “DLC Coating Blade.”

This clipper is a two-in-one multicut clipper. Due to these developments, Voguers was able to obtain 45% of the professional market in Korea.

Among its products are the hair clipper, VG 808, which features dry shaving, 0.05mm superfine precision upper blade, constant voltage and charging/using time of 1.5hours/1.5 hours. By adding oil drops before and after usage, it will enhance its operation.

If the haircutting does not work well, it should be disassembled by the user for cleaning and replacement of the blade should be considered if it still does not work properly.

Another product is the pet clipper K Star ll which is equipped with a special grinding lower blade and dual speed cutting. This 12v DC cord clipper remedies defects of a rechargeable clipper and operates powerfully from start to finish.

Another premium product is the shaver, Balance VG909, which features 100% waterproofing, zero skin trouble while shaving, a swivel blade, charging/usage time of 2hours/1hours. Users are recommended to avoid shaving too closely to the skin since it is liable to cause skin irritation and side-effects. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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