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September 4, 2013

201309w_IONIX was established in Jul. 2003 with the mandate of developing its own technology for deep filter and surface liquid filter and also it localize foreign filters for the purpose of increasing the cost competitiveness in the water treatment industry.

It also aims at creating environment-friendly and high performance filter technology. Aside from development the depth filter, in 2006, it opened the absolute depth filter plant.

Moreover, in 2007, it supplied the ID filter to SIMMTECH (PCB) and to KIA Motors. Furthermore it completed the development of IDB filter in 2007 and the IDE filter in 2009. Through such accomplishments, it was awarded the ISO 9001 and the 14001 certificate in 2009 and well as contracting with Lotte Chilsung beverage to supply its ID filter.

In 2012, another landmark was achieved with the development of the carbon block filter. Among the models of depth filter, IONIX presents the ID, IDII and the IDP filter and for pleated filter, it presents the PP Pleated, PES Membrane and the PTFE Membrane filters.

And the filter housing, which houses general industrial application using and manufactured according to user requirements, there are the SL-TYPE and the SLB-TYPE models. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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