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September 4, 2013

http://korean-products.com/inquirySome 28 years ago, the CEO of Izone discovered that using a certain device he developed improves the eyesight after 18 months of usage with exercises to the eyeball.

Education has been conducted among elementary school students with favorable reviews. He found that one needs to exercise the eyes by using related muscles (internal ocular muscle, cilliary muscles and others) If you do not use the muscles, then you might end up with eyesight declining syndrome.

With this in mind, he started to develop the Personal Scope-EX with features like massage which presses the meridian points to help blood circulate, and an eye movement (LED) function with shutters that open and close, which relaxes the extrinsic ocular muscles resulting in recovery of vision.

Looking at distant places also allows prevention or improvement of near-sightedness as you are able to stare at locations six-times away.

Also, this object provides extra light so that you can look at subjects clearly. The product also controls the thickness of eye lenses through automatic shutter that regularly conducts luminosity reflection and stimulates the layer of eye cells for an active longitudinal and orbicular muscle which improves the recovery of vision.

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