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September 4, 2013

201309w_Kyungin Diamond is strong; its hardness is quite well known. This trait makes it a special use for grinding and cutting work.

This super hard material shows a few advantages: long lifespan, high grinding efficiency, high wear resistance, etc. Korea’s Kyungin Diamond adds values to diamond by introducing electro-plated tools.

Kyungin Diamond’s history began in 1993. The manufacturer was interested in developing electro-deposited diamond tools.

They are excellent at grinding due to diamond’s high particle concentration. Also, it is suitable for cutting metallic or non-metallic materials. Main items are precision tools.

In order to process parts that require minute precision, electro-plated diamond tools come in handy. These parts are such as automotive parts, machine equipment, electric parts, etc.

There are three major products you might be interested in : Electro-plated ferrite grinding wheels, Electro-plated micro SD card grinding wheels, and Electro-plated wood band saw grinding wheels. Since they all are capable of grinding anything, all differently shaped-materials are acceptable, | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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