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September 4, 2013 in 1972, this specializing company, Haeyang Foods produces various kinds of products based on maritime goods.

It started in earnest by obtaining the Korea Standard A9002 and the ISO 9002 among other certificates along with the Korean government’s designation company for outstanding medium-sized and export-promising firm.

It now boast a history of more than 42 years specializing particularly in fish cake(fried, roasted and steamed) with even sales to the US, Australia, the Philippines and Canada.

Among its 10 brands, it takes pride in its stick fish cake, Busan Oden fish cake, Daehasam (rectangular-type) fish cake, special rectangular fish cake, special fish cake, Busan soft-meat fish cake, and vegetable fish cake brands.

To support the production of the above, it has sufficient technical equipments such as mixers, automatic frying equipment, automatic roasting, steam equipment, automatic freezing equipments, product packaging room, rapid freezer, freezing storage room, and freezing processing room among many others.

The production processes are just as impressive with six strict line-ups including obtaining the raw material, grinding, and preparation of the fish meat, chopping, mixing, and final production. | Blog Magazine of Korean products, brands and Goods

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