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September 5, 2013


http://korean-products.com/inquiryFounded in 1995, this is a highly technical company producing products like PVC, CVD, Etching and Hybrid Systems.

Some of its initial accomplishments are the commercialization of ion beam source and vacuum arc source.

Moreover, it possesses an excellent customer-oriented service team on 24 hour request for not only A-Tech’s but other company’s products.

In particular, it manufactures various PVC products with inline, roll to roll, cluster and batch specifications.

Similar standards of products are manufactured for CVD, Dry Etch, Heat Treatment, Surface Modification, Measurement/Focused Ion beam as well as various vacuum components.

In addition, it offers various technical materials like fundamentals of vacuum, principles of ion gun, principles of chemical vapor deposition, thin film deposition, vacuum forming, pumping speed, technology strategy report-technology convergence era, society of vacuum coalers-glossary of terms and acronyms, vacuum coating technology, based on the nanoSPRINT encyclopedia of carbon nanotubes, microstructural control of plasma-sputtered refractory coatings, principles of sputtering, principles of filtered cathodic vacuum arc, principles of dry etching, sequence control and measures of problems.

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